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U Safe®

Here For You

We are the exclusive distributor for this innovative remote-controlled lifesaver U SAFE. U Safe was born in Portugal with the ambition to save lives all over the world. With an international patent in 68 countries, it has been developed in accordance with all legal requirements and has been approved by the Portuguese Life Saving Institute.

To save lives in the ocean, without putting at risk the life of those who save is a challenge as huge as the ocean itself. A challenge fulfilled with success. It is self-propelled remote controlled and works in any position under the most adverse conditions. It also has its own navigation and guidance system. A float that was born to save lives in a simple, fast and safe way

The U SAFE not only won Lifesaving and Safety Equipment category but won the DAME Award for 2019 outright.

The DAME Design Award jury found its attention increasingly drawn to the clever design execution, innovation and safety implications of the U SAFE, a reinvention of the traditional life-saving ring that is auto-propelled and remote controlled. Featuring robust, understated and very clean design, the U SAFE can be from boat or shore in line of site at speeds of up to 15kph, for a duration of 30 minutes.

U Safe®

a self-propelled, remote-controlled device that reaches a casualty quickly, safely and under any conditions.